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The only travel wholesaler that offers a B2B integral management platform


We know that dreams and emotions are an important part of our lives, that's why we strive to offer you amazing products and services, we've created the needed platform that will facilitate the travel purchasing process and that will serve millions of users.


Viajaris Group allows you to organise easily the trip of yours customers, even if they don’t know where to go and need to be inspired. We offer you multiple possibilities with our especial service COMBEE, or we inspire a great escape with INVERSO.

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We offer you the best possible experience of booking and travel management.


Wherever you are, give a fast answer

Book all kids of service for your client and manage easily your bookings in a few clicks comfortably in the same interface. Our platform is 100% responsive, wherever you are and from any device you will be able to search in real time and give a fast answer to your customers.


Inspire and personalise a great trip has never been so easy

With our product Reverse, you can search by budget and customer preferences. The budget is the key decision factor when someone is organising a vacation. We offer you different travel proposals depending on the budget.


Save time and earn more money in every booking

We search for the best net rate and compare multiple suppliers in real time in one click. Thanks to our intuitive and advanced platform you can reduce in a 30% the purchase decision process and increase your sales.


Increase your portfolio and reach more clients

You can create dynamic packages multiservice with Combee and combine ad many services as your client prefers: flight + hotel + transfer + ferry + ticket…

Business Intelligence

Identify new business opportunities and plan an efficient strategy

Choose your commissions. Moreover you can see the details of your own sales, discover trending destinations and other information that will help you to decide what new courses of action take, always based on real information.

How to work with us

We make it very easy to work with us. There are no technical requirements to access the paltform. In a few days you can start searching multiservice dynamic packages by budget with prices and availability real time. Maximise your benefits now.

Freemium Model

Centralise the process of travel booking and management in one place

With our Freemium model you can make searches in our platform to all the travel suppliers leaders in the market with prices and availability in real time

We will provide you with two unique search engines; with REVERSE you'll be able to search a combined flight and hotel by budget and other of your client preferences. Our algorithm will show you a map with multiple destination proposals. It also serves as a virtual inspirer. Our other search engine is called COMBEE and it allows you to configure multiservice and multidestination dynamic packages in only one search.

We have connectivities with flights, hotels, car rental, trains and activities suppliers.

With our integral platform you can manage all your bookings and invoices, configure your policy of commission fees, and analise your sales and searches with ease thanks to our Business Intelligence tool integrated.

You will only pay for the queries, there's no activation cost or commission from our side.

Freemium Model
Price by search (No commissions)
Search by budget (REVERS)
Multiservice Dynamic Packages (COMBEE)
Booking and invoice dashboard
Business Intelligence Tools to analyse sales
Markups & Fees management dashboard
Multidevice: desktop, tablet, smartphone
Best net rate in the market
Prices and availability in real time
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